Our Unique Scholarship Program

  1. " No Need to Worry If You missed selection by a narrow margin
    • "If you've missed your dream opportunity by just a few marks in competitive exams, Examrewards.com is here to support your dreams. Our scholarships range from Rs.10,000 to Rs.10,00,000, helping bright students financially and motivating them to give it another shot!"
  2. "Absolutely Free Scholarship Opportunity!"
    • "At Examrewards.com, we believe in your potential. That's why our scholarship program is completely free of charge. No additional fees, no hidden costs—just an opportunity to support your educational journey."
  3. "Simple Steps to Scholarship"
    • "Join Examrewards.com and after subscribing, prepare for your chosen exam. If luck isn't on your side and you miss the selection by a narrow margin, we've got your back! Just make sure you have an active subscription plan and apply for the scholarship in your selected competitive exam. Remember to upload your admit card 24 hours prior to the exam for a valid application."
  4. "Fair Approach!"
    • "Our scholarship approach is fair and unbiased. If you're closest to the cut-off marks and missed selection, you qualify for our scholarship. Even if there are multiple students with equal marks, we divide the scholarship amount equally among them. Get ready to strive for success with Examrewards.com!"

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How the Process of Scholarship Allotment Works

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Check Eligibility

View our terms and conditions to check if you are available for the scholarship

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Select Exams

Choose all exams you are preparing for

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Verification after Result

After claiming and submitting documents for scholarship wait for approval from Examrewards.

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Payment To Your Bank Account

After successful verification of your claim and eligibility, your funds will be transfered to your bank account

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